All your winter Fat Biking needs in Stock!

Pedal has a Huge selection of 45NRTH Fat Bike tires in stock at great prices. Including Dillinger 4 and 5 studded and unstudded, Wrathchild, Flowbeist and Dunderbeist, Vanhelga, Nicotine and Husker Du. The new XL stud packs & tools. Also Nokken & Sturmfist gloves, pogies and Wolvhammer boots. Fat Bike tires from Surly and Maxxis as well. Orange Seal and Stans Tire sealant. Give the shop a call or send an email if you're not local, shipping on parts and accessories is available inside Canada. Salsa and Rocky Mountain Fat Bikes in stock from $1349.

45nrth fat bike tires